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The Side Effects of Using CBD and What You Need To Know Before Taking It


CBD is a chemical component that many people use to help take care of their ongoing pain. It is found in the cannabis plant along with THC like I stated in my previous article. Some of you may already have spoken to your doctor about using the CBD oil to help with your pain. You do need to be aware of some of the potential side-effects of taking using this oil. Your doctor may or may not have gone over this information with you. You should think of this as a refresher course.


The Potential Side-Effects That May or May Not Occur




Your inhibitions might be lowered. It is a drug after all. However, you do need to use it in small doses. You cannot use this to get high. It is primarily for medicinal purposes, though some of the side effects are similar.




You will have dry mouth. You will need to drink plenty of fluids. Water is your best bet. Try to stay away from any fluids that will make your mouth drier. Alcohol should not be consumed when taking this drug.




Some of you might be fighting Parkinson's Disease. CBD oil does cause an increase in the tremors. Consult your doctor before using because it might make your condition worse.




You might feel lightheaded and/or dizzy. This is one side effect where it affects every patient differently. Some of you might not feel anything at all. Some of you might feel drowsy and dizzy real fast. In other words, be careful and lie down when you need to. I suggest staying in for the night if you decide to use the oil. Better to air on the side of caution. Click on cannabis light for more ideas.